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Tamworth engineer calls for registry to deal with 'building crisis'

LEFT: Ben Mobilio. RIGHT: Jonathan Russell.

What has been dubbed as the "building crisis" has taken over national headlines, but a Tamworth engineer said reforms need to tackle the entire industry.

NSW has two bills before Parliament which, if they pass, would change regulation of the building and interlinking other sectors.

The majority of the conversation has surrounded metropolitan areas and the building industry, but Engineers Australia is trying to change that.

The region’s engineers will gather in Tamworth on Thursday, with more from across the state expected to join in online, for an Engineers Australia consultation and information session on the NSW Government’s proposed building industry reforms.

Tamworth EA Division chairperson Ben Mobilio said as an engineer based in regional NSW, there are challenges in construction even if they are not as high-profile what happened at the Opal Tower.

"There is a push for engineering registrations to ensure that people have the qualifications and skills and practise within their scope," he said.

"Nearly every other profession has some sort of registration, even in the construction industry so engineers are the outlier.

"With all these issues in the industry, it is about regaining that trust from the public ... part of that process would be to have that system."

Mr Mobilio said the forum would provide a chance for regional engineers to learn about the pish registration.

EA National Manager for Public Affairs Jonathan Russell said so far the discussion surrounding the "building crisis" has been hyper-focused on some areas, rather than look at the issue in a holistic sense.

"The debate so far has been very city-centric, it's been about apartments and high-rise buildings but the reality is that engineers work everywhere," he said.

"Tamworth alone has 200 engineers so this debate is very much relevant to regional areas."



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