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Tamworth minimum temperature set for April

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Tamworth has recorded its coldest minimum temperature for the month of April at -0.5 degrees.

A cold front, which moved across the state over the weekend, brought a vigorous south to south westerly airstream, lifting cooler air up. This coupled with a moving high-pressure system allows for clear skies and cool, dry air which really drops the temperature low overnight.

David Willkie, a forecaster at the BoM, has said the last minimum temperature record set for April was in 2008.

“The previous record was -0.2 degrees, and that was recorded over a decade ago. Since then, we haven’t seen temperatures get anywhere near as cold as this in April”.

According to forecaster Willkie, we can expect this cold snap and “high pressure system to stay sitting over us for the next day or so”.

Expect frost in the early hours of the morning tomorrow [Tuesday], with it likely to be another cold night. “Whether or not it will get down to record breaking temperatures is hard to say, but I think expecting it to be freezing is probably fair” said Willkie.

By Wednesday it will start to warm up, with temperatures of around 7 to 10 degrees forecasted in the morning.

“10 degrees is around about the average for this time of year for Tamworth”.


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