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Tamworth receives first pipe for new Dungowan Dam

The first pipe for the new Dungowan Dam pipeline was on board for delivery to Tamworth today, as Government plans to deliver greater water security to the Peel River commence.

From today, ten trucks carrying 180X600mm diameter pipes are set to roll in to the Tamworth Regional Council water treatment facility in Calala.

NSW Minister for Water the Hon Melinda Pavey MP said the replacement of the Dungowan Pipeline is an essential piece of early infrastructure that is critical to Tamworth’s current water supply network.

"The pipeline from the water treatment plant to Tamworth was old and needs to be replaced. Too much water was leaking from it. So, this is an important development in the water Security for Tamworth" said Minister Pavey.

“The pipeline is part of the new Dungowan Dam project, which is being jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Governments. This dam will increase the resilience of local water supplies and the capacity to meet the demands of Tamworth and the Peel Valley’s

agricultural industries,” Minister Pavey said.

The 55km pipeline, running south of Dungowan Creek and the Peel River from the new Dungowan Dam to Council’s Calala Water Treatment Plant, is set to be built in two stages:

Stage One will provide a new reliable connection from the recently completed Chaffey Dam pipeline to Tamworth’s town water supply.

Stage Two will be built in conjunction with the proposed new dam, pending the outcomes of final business case and Environmental Impact Statement.

Minster Pavey said there is a preferred pipeline and community consultation is ongoing.

The Minister for Water, Property and Housing did not disclose the final pipeline route.

"Once we get through the final business case, the Environmental Impact Statement, that second stage of the pipeline, we will form the second part of pipeline construction - but for now, we're cracking on, getting the first stage done".

"Getting the first stage done is a no regret decision" she said.

"The old pipeline is past its used by date and seeing these new pipelines arrive today in Tamworth is an exciting advancement in water security for the Peel Valley".

Federal Member for New England the Hon Barnaby Joyce said the Tamworth community

and farming families along the Peel River experienced one of the most severe droughts on record.

“This is vital water infrastructure for Tamworth, it is vital infrastructure for the economy of New England and it is vital infrastructure for our nation,” Mr Joyce said.

“It is important that we build the infrastructure that will make our nation stronger, we need to be as powerful as possible as quickly as possible”.

In February 2021 the Dungowan pipeline contract was awarded to MPC Kinetic, an

accomplished water infrastructure deliverer that successfully constructed the new 18.2km pipeline from Chaffey Dam to Dungowan Village. The government announced the preferred route for the Dungowan pipeline in March 2021. They are yet to announce the final route.

Construction of Stage One of the pipeline will start later this year and will take 12-18 months.


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