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Tamworth region's parks and playgrounds to reopen as restrictions ease

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Playground equipment at more than 100 parks across the region from May 15 will open again. This includes Tamworth Regional Playground in Bicentennial Park, the outdoor gym in Kable Avenue and Tamworth Regional Skate Park in Peel Street. Council’s Sports and Recreation Division has been kept busy this week removing ‘closed’ signs, taking away temporary barriers and undertaking cleaning of equipment. Manager Paul Kelly said BBQs will not reopen at this stage because they are a point of crowd gathering and currently the rules limit groups to up to 10 people only. He added that people need to maintain social distancing and if the park has a number of people there, residents should come back another time. Tamworth Marsupial Park - including Tamworth Adventure Playground - will remain closed for the time being. The park has a licence to display animals and advice from the NSW Department of Primary Industries is that it should remain closed until Step 2 of the National framework for a COVIDSafe Australia.


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