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Three boys charged with two separate break-ins in Tamworth on Monday

Three children, two aged 14 and a 12-year-old, have been charged following an investigation into two separate break-ins at homes in Tamworth on Monday.

Officers attached to Oxley Police District responded to reports of an aggravated break, enter and steal at a home on Dowell Avenue, East Tamworth at 1.20am. During this time, police were notified of several reports of trespassers in the same area from concerned residents and the dog unit was deployed to commence patrols. While on patrol, officers were alerted to another break in nearby, this time a home on North Street, North Tamworth, where a white Corolla sedan was stolen.

Shortly after, officers detected the Corolla on Jewry Street and failed at an attempt to stop the vehicle. A pursuit was initiated and terminated moments later due to safety concerns.

The stolen Corolla was found dumped nearby and the dog unit was sent off to begin the task of sniffing out clues.

The police dog Alpha successfully tracked three boys to a Cole Road home where they were arrested at 4.30am.

The boys were taken to Tamworth Police Station for questioning, where they were assisting police with answers. They were later charged with aggravated break-and-enter offences, two counts of serious indictable offence, along with entering a vehicle without consent and being carried in a stolen car.

The 12 year old was also charged with a breach of bail.

At first, all three boys were refused bail. However, Magistrate Joy Boulos released one of the juveniles on the condition he stay out of trouble, not leave the home unless attending school or in direct company of his mother or grandfather.

Operation Southbank is the name of the unit which investigates break-and-enters in Tamworth and has been underway since 2018.


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