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Top Ten Aussie Songs

This weekend on 92.9, we are bringing you the Top 10 Aussie Songs. From Paul Kelly to Cold Chisel there has been some great Aussie Artists, but what is the best aussie song?



Missy Higgins

In this song, Missy Higgins describes a series of suitors who think they know best, trying to convince her to change her ways. The first one she goes along with, and he leaves her with a metaphorical scar. The second one tries to undo what came before, pulling at her stitches and leaving more damage. Finally, she realizes that she's best off doing it her way, so she puts aside her fears and her negative thoughts and finds the confidence to proceed.


Are You Gonna Be My Girl


This was Jet's first hit song. It was also the first song to be used in the popular iPod commercials, where a black shadow of a person, listening to a white iPod danced to this tune in front of colorful backgrounds. These ads helped boost sales of iPods and of Jet albums. This was a hit twice in the UK, in 2003 it reached #23 in the singles chart. The following year it was re-released after being featured in the Vodaphone picture messaging TV ads and this time it rose to #16 in the charts.


Cheap Thrills


This sunny jam finds Sia singing of getting ready to go clubbing. A remix of the track was released featuring reggae artist Sean Paul. His verse gives the song a whole new dancehall makeover, which pairs nicely with the tune's use of the reggaeton dembow rhythm. A black-and-white lyric video was released, parodying vintage variety shows with dancing contests. We see a new type of dance break out featuring energetic faceless dancers wearing signature Sia wigs.


(Baby I've Got You) On My Mind


"(Baby I've Got You) On My Mind" (also known simply as "On My Mind") is the first single from the fifth studio album by Powderfinger. It was released as a single on 9 June 2003 and reached No. 9 on the Australian Singles Chart, the band's third-highest-charting single to date. The music video for "On My Mind" was directed by Scott Walton. The video, like the group's previous single "Like a Dog", was filmed in black and white.


To Her Door

Paul Kelly

The song is a ballad with country-rock underpinnings, in which Kelly tells the story of a young couple who "married early". It has been described as a brutal and beautiful attempt at reconciliation. In an interview, Kelly indicated that the song took seven years to write. "I sing little melodies into a tape recorder and every now and then I go through the tapes and have a listen. And I heard that and I thought it would be good to put words to that, it’s a good tune." Kelly Said.


Don't Dream It's Over

Crowded House

Crowded House lead singer Neil Finn wrote this song. He explained in an interview, "I wrote that on my brother's piano. I'm not sure if I remember what the context was, exactly, but it was just about on the one hand feeling kind of lost, and on the other hand sort of urging myself on: Don't dream it's over. That one actually fell out literally, without me thinking about it too much."


Somebody That I Used To Know


"Somebody" was both produced and written by Gotye in his parents' barn on the Mornington Peninsula, south-east of Melbourne. It finds Gotye addressing a past lover, reminiscing about their relationship and break-up. The song draws from the aftermath and memory of several relationships, but he told in an interview that one does resound louder than the others. "There is an ex-girlfriend I know." he admitted. "It was five-six years ago. It wasn't a nasty breakup, but it was messy in the sense that we hurt each other more than we needed to because it wasn't a clean break.


Beds Are Burning

Midnight Oil

This is a political song about giving native Australian lands back to the Pintupi, who were among the very last people to come in from the desert. Midnight Oil performed this in front of a worldwide audience of billions, (including Prime Minister John Howard, who has claimed it as his favorite Midnight Oil song) at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The whole band were dressed in black, with the words "sorry" printed conspicuously on their clothes. This was a reference to the Prime Minister's refusal to apologize, on behalf of Australia, to the Aboriginal Australians for the way they have been treated over the last 200 years.


Khe Sanh

Cold Chisel

This was written by their keyboard player, Don Walker. It documents the life of a returned Vietnam veteran. After serving in the war, he fails to fit into society anymore. It is also about the restlessness of youth. This was Cold Chisel's first single and debut album. It was remixed and included on the US version of the album East in 1981.


Never Tear Us Apart


INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence wrote the lyrics, which describe an instant connection between two people who form a bond that will last forever. Andrew Farriss, who played a variety of instruments in INXS, wrote the music for this song. As part of a tribute to Michael Hutchence to mark what would have been his 50th birthday, Farriss told the story of the song: "In 1986 I sat down on an upright piano and started working on the chords that would eventually become 'Never Tear Us Apart.' I thought it had potential and asked Michael what he thought of it. He told me he really liked it so I recorded a blues style demo for him. I gave the demo to Michael and the eventual lyric that he wrote was truly inspired. Straight from the heart. I know how much that lyric meant to him. It was a personal love lyric very much in the moment for him."


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