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Top Ten Crafts to make during Isolation

Despite the fact that the restrictions are easing from June 1, it's also about to be winter. Which means a whole lot of inside crafts and projects to stay busy...and warm! So we asked you guys this week what you've been up to for a bit of inspiration!

10. Chalk Drawings

Brighten up someone's walk by getting out and drawing some sidewalk cartoons just like this incredible picture from Taylah Childs.

TIP: Try drawing with all the sides of the chalk stick to create a different effect every time.

9. Modifying every-day items

It's amazing what you can create when you use your imagination! Rachel Babb turned Kmart spice racks into velvet shelves to display basketball collector cards on.

TIP: Velvet shelves also make a great display for jewellery!

8. Scrunchies

Have you got some material at home you've been meaning to use? Scrunchies are super easy to make and all you need is a bit of elastic. 92.9fm staff member Holly Hall has been busy making these cute scrunchies!

7. Drawing

It doesn't matter if you're playing pictionary or you're an artist, but get drawing and you too can put out pictures for passers-by like Katelyn Abra's younger brother. He has created an alphabet zoo he has been updating daily!

6. Painting

Now I can't tell you how our listener Dianne Cannon has created the swirly effects on this artwork, but she has been busy and created over 70 pieces in isolation. It's no wonder, painting is so much fun and super relaxing!

TIP: Try using every day objects to create effects with the paint. Sponges, apples, strings all create interesting designs with the paint!

5. Freshen up old furniture

Come on guys, we're going to Bunnings! Have you got any wooden furniture that looks like it needs a bit of love? Grab some furniture varnish and make them look new just like our listener Leonie Robertson did!

4. Macrame

Anyone who can do Macrame is a genius. Look at the intricate work and design! Rechelle Robinson shared her photos and creations and has got me wondering how hard it is to make!

TIP: Read this article from the Design Twins, they go into so much detail which helps when you're just starting out.

3. Pallet planters

How's this for a creative craft project, a pallet planter! This is one of the coolest uses of a pallet I have ever seen (besides the pallet bar...) Thanks so much to Vik E Jay for sharing on our Facebook page!

TIP: Not sure where to start? Check this article out.

2. Fire Pit

I don't know about you but this one is probably best left to someone who can actually cut/weld the pieces together. Try this out if you can, a Fire Pit on wheels thanks to Mick Egan.

TIP: A 40 gallon drum makes the perfect fire pit.

1. Cross-stitching

Have you got the patience just like our listener Jess Lane to be incredibly precise with her cross-stitching?

Cross stitch and needlework can be found in the earliest history, as far back as sixth century BC. Needlework has existed as long as there has been cloth to work it on. Pieces of embroidery and needlework have been found preserved in ancient Egyptian tombs and in Medieval churches all over the world.


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