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Top Ten Isolation Recipes

Whether you are cooking for a house full of kids, or just yourself—thinking of what to cook is often tiring. So why not check out our Top Ten Easy Isolation Recipes!

10. Easy Pasta Dishes

There is no way you don't have a packet of pasta right now in your cupboard. Don't have enough ingredients for a bolognese? Try these out instead!

Aglio e Olio (Garlic and oil)

  • With whatever pasta you have in your cupboard, boil it and in a separate pan saute olive oil and garlic.

  • Pop the cooked pasta in the pan with the garlic and dig to the back of your fridge for that old looking chunk of pecorino.

  • Grate on top, add any fresh or dry herbs you can find. Voila.

OPTIONAL: Broccoli, capsicum, mushrooms, even tuna would go nicely--depending on what your pantry looks like.

Carbonara with bacon...or ham...salami maybe?

  • With whatever pasta you have in your cupboard, boil it and in a separate pan saute olive oil and garlic.

  • Add bacon to the garlic and remove from heat and cook till crispy

  • In a bowl crack as many eggs as you think will cover your pasta (try 5 eggs for 400g of pasta for reference).

  • Grate parmesan/pecorino in or if you only have tasty cheese...that will do. Mix.

  • Add cooked pasta to the pan with the bacon and egg mixture, cooking on medium heat to not scramble the eggs. Take off heat when the eggs/cheese become silky on the pasta.

  • Serve. YUM.

I mean all this is if you have the time and energy, if not, just do it jar style!

9. Fritters

This is the classic mum's cleaning out the fridge recipe, and you are only limited by your creativity and well, what's in the fridge.

Better yet one of our listeners Rinnie Fiona made an amazing batch of zucchini fritters and it was so easy! Check out her recipe below!

Rinnie Fiona's Zucchini Fritters

600 grams of zucchini

1 teaspoon of salt and a sprinkle of pepper

1/4 cup of SR Flour

1/4 grated parmesan yummy

2 cloves of crushed garlic

1 large egg beaten

  • Grate zucchini and mix all ingredients in one bowl

  • If the mix is a little dry add a small amount of milk

  • Then in a frypan heat 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Get a heaped spoon full of the mixture and place into the pan , I usually get four Fritters at once cooking.

  • When bubbles happen turn and finish off on other side, this is nice served with BBQ sauce or sour cream!

8. Air Fryer Ideas

I haven't yet jumped on the air-fryer bandwagon, but I am seriously considering it after realising you can basically cook ANYTHING in this. If we are working off whatever is in the house, why not start with dried fruit slices, sweet potato chips, and chicken wings!

Another great way to make the most of the air-fryer is to cut slices of eggplant, avocado, or anything that can be dipped in egg/drizzled in oil and then rolled in crumbs. Heck, it might be a good way to get the kids eating their broccoli!

Check out some air-fryer recipes here.

7. Canned Food Ideas

Here's an idea for your weekend, clean out the pantry and pull out all the odd cans of food hiding at the back. My guesses is you have random tins of soup, some sort of beans or corn, there's always crushed tomatoes, plus a can of fruit salad.

Stuck for ideas? These are just some of my lunches from this week. Or try some of the combos below!

  • Tin tomatoes + red kidney beans + beef stock + onion/garlic/chilli + mince = easy chilli con carne

  • 4 Bean Mix + tuna + red onion + avocado = a really healthy and protein filled meal/salad

  • Tin of fruit salad + cake mix = fruit salad cake, OR

  • Tin of fruit salad in ramekins + butter, sugar + flour = fruit salad crumble

  • Cannellini beans (mashed) or refried beans + scrambled eggs + cheese/sauce = breakfast burrito

6. Not for the faint-hearted

Tracey Carr's Boston Cream (Keto) Cheesecake

I don't care if it's keto or not, I will never say no to a cheesecake. Thanks for the picture and the promise to bring us in some when isolation is over, Tracey!

Check out the recipe she used here:

5. Breads

Well. We've got the time on our hands, right? Might as well try and work out how to make cheese and bacon rolls just like they sell at the shops...but better, cause you know you cooked with love. Thanks to our listeners for their recipes!

Shen Brett's Cheese and Bacon Rolls

4. Dinners with love

Don't want to order in, but want to get all snuggled up on the couch with a bowl of something truly yummy? Thanks to Georgette, we have the best chinese honey chicken recipe to try!

Georgette Coppola's Chinese Honey Chicken

Serve this with fried or steamed rice.

3. Cookies

Cookies and biscuits are my personal weakness, especially with a coffee or a hot cup of tea. It's even better too when you have a recipe so universal you can add to it and make a variety of flavours. Thanks to our listener Rachel for the recipe and the hot tip on Nutella cookies!

Nutella go the fastest in our household! So that it stays gooey when cooked, I scoop little Nutella balls onto a tray and freeze them. That way when you make the cookies it’s easy to form the cookie dough around the frozen Nutella balls.

Rachel Babb's Customisable Cookies

This recipe makes 50 or so cookies and you can make so many flavours and variations of them including: choc chip, mars bar center, gooey nutella center, jam drops and double choc chip. The base recipe is:

  • 500g softened/melted butter

  • 1 cup caster sugar

  • 5 cups SR flour (or 4 and a half if you’re making chocolate cookies, then add 1/2 cup cocoa instead)

  • 1 tin of condensed milk

  • I also like to add a dash of vanilla essence

Mix all up in a bowl and you’re good to go. I cook them on 180° for 15-20 mins depending how soft or hard you like your cookies. For a more dense cookie, use half plain and half self raising flour.

2. Sausage Rolls

An absolute mainstay in the kitchen especially as the cold weather rolls in! Get it...

Thanks to our listener Christine for the recipe.

This is my mum's Sausage Roll recipe that I grew up on and it is the best thing about isolation at the moment...ha ha.

The Burke Family Sausage Roll Recipe

  • 500g sausage mince

  • 1 onion, fine chopped

  • 1/2 sleeve of curly parsley

  • Plenty of salt and pepper

  • 3 sheets of puff pastry

  1. Mix mince, onion, parsley and salt and pepper together well.

  2. The idea with the parsley is you put in heaps and then add another couple of sprigs - never such a thing as too much parsley in this.

  3. Defrost the pastry sheets and cut in half to create 2 rectangles.

  4. Lay a continuous sausage of mince across the length of the pastry, leaving enough room to fold the pastry over to seal. Brush the edge of the pastry with milk and fold over.

  5. Cut the long roll into desired lengths4 pieces makes great size for snacking (and you can eat 6 without too much guilt).

  6. Lay on greased oven tray with a little space between.

  7. Brush tops with milk and pierce a few times with a knife, then put them into a preheated 180 degree (FF) oven for 22-25 mins.

  8. Remove from over when pastry is cooked to your preferred colour.

  9. Try to resist the urge to eat them all whilst burning hot.

1. Scones

Scones are something that bring people together. Fresh out of the oven, covered in jam and cream—how could you say no! It's usually a recipe that has been passed down from grandmother to mother, and fondly tucked away in a family recipe book. We're very lucky today to be sharing a family recipe used by our listener, Kellie Hundt's mum and grandmother.

Mum and my Grandma passed away in January 2018—8 days apart...from different causes. There's a good chance this recipe belonged to my Grandma.

The Manthey Family Scone Recipe

A recipe straight from the archives. Make sure you have it with jam and cream!


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