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Top Ten Lady Gaga Songs that give us life

As the restrictions continue to ease across New South Wales, we continue to move into a less isolated time where our pubs are open, but there are no events on!

So we had an idea...why not countdown some of our favourite songs from our favourite artists here on 92.9, starting with LADY GAGA!

I mean, we've been with you through this pandemic, helping you stay busy with great podcasts to listen to, YouTube Channels to watch, even the best Games to play isolation!

But now, it's time to give you something you can enjoy while you're leaving the house: ONE WHOLE HOUR OF LADY GAGA with the Top Ten Lady Gaga songs that give us life.

10. Just Dance

(The Fame, 2008)

This was Lady Gaga's first solo single release and breakthrough hit, after writing for artists including The Pussycat Dolls. This song was written a day after moving to LA from New York, after realising how different her lifestyle was going to be. Just Dance charted at number 1 all over the world⁠—what a first impression!

9. Paparazzi

(The Fame, 2008)

Playing a bit more into the theme of the album, Lady Gaga describes this as a love song for the cameras, fame and love itself. We begin to see more of the pop art style she has for her film clips too, with an epic eight minute video starring Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood.

The video won two MTV awards and at the time in 2009 Lady Gaga had become the first artist in the seventeen year history of that tally to have four straight singles from a debut album reach #1.

8. Bad Romance

(The Fame Monster, 2009)

A year later after her explosive debut album The Fame, Lady Gaga released an expanded version of it, entitled The Fame: Monster.

Gaga says to Billboard Magazine "Just six months ago, 'Bad Romance' was nothing but a dream, a recurring melody, a lyric hidden on a napkin on my tour bus. Now, it's my fifth #1 record, and a reminder to fans to always follow their dreams.'

7. Alejandro

(The Fame Monster, 2009)

The Fame Monster was the best-selling album of 2010 worldwide. The extended version of Gaga's 2008 debut The Fame scored 5.8 million sales around the world in 2010, finishing ahead of Eminem's Recovery, which came in second with sales of 5.7 million and Justin Bieber.

She explained it is about the "purity of my friendships with my gay friends, and how I've been unable to find that with a straight man in my life. It's a celebration and an admiration of gay love - it confesses my envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together. In the video I'm pining for the love of my gay friends - but they just don't want me."

6. Born This Way

(Born This Way, 2011)

Some big achievements for Lady Gaga with the first single for the 2011 album of the same name, with the single breaking the overall airplay debut record with a first week audience of 78.5 million, besting Janet Jackson's "All For You" which achieved 70 million in 2001. Also Apple announced that this sold more than one million tracks in its first five days, meaning that the song became the fastest-selling single in the history of the iTunes store, reaching #1 in 23 countries.

  • The song title was inspired by Carl Bean's 1977 gay disco anthem, "I Was Born This Way."

5. Marry The Night

(Born This Way, 2011)

This song is all about Gaga going back to New York. "I wrote this about the courage it took for me to say, 'I hate Hollywood, I just wanna live in Brooklyn and make music.'" With the 14 minute film clip representing one of the most horrible days of her life when she was dropped from her first record labels.

The single stalled at #29 on the Hot 100, halting Gaga's career-opening streak of 11 successive top 10 hits. Her run did equal the record for new artists, matching Mariah Carey's achievement of her first 11 singles all reaching the upper tier.

4. Applause

(Artpop, 2013)

This song was released a week early after it was leaked online, in August 2013. When Lady Gaga was finishing her Born This Way tour, she was at a breaking point--after being diagnosed with a labral tear of her right hip. She says, "the only thing that kept me going was the applause. And I was able to drown out the pain and finish the show."

3. Million Reasons

(Joanne, 2016)

This is a song written with Nashville songwriter Hillary Lindsay (who also writes for Carrie Underwood) about the relationships with the men in her life. This song and many on the album is one that she wrote to give women a voice help heal from those wounds that divide us. We can see the entire story of the song by reading the first line "You're giving me a million reasons to let you go" and the last line "Baby I just need one good one to stay".

2. Shallow

(A Star is Born Soundtrack, 2018)

Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson wrote Shallow at the same they were crafting her 2016 album Joanne. "As soon as her and Bradley got into the film, the entire Joanne album just turned into A Star Is Born for a couple of weeks," says Mark Ronson.

In fact it was originally written as a solo song, just for Gaga to sing, but later became part of the plot, the narrative in the parking lot. Gaga describes it as "two people talking to each other about the need and the drive to dive into the deep end and stay away from the shallow area."

1. Rain on Me

(Chromatica, 2020)

This is the newest single from Lady Gaga's Chromatica album which she collaborated with Ariana Grande on. It's about persevering through troubles and embracing the pain. The song was inspired by the similar traumas the singers have experienced in the public eye. "I sat with her and we talked about our lives," Gaga told Paper magazine. "It's two women having a conversation about how to keep going and how to be grateful for what you do."


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