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Top Ten Marshmello Songs

This weekend on 92.9, we are bringing you the Top 10 Marshmello songs.



Single Release Only (2017)

Marshmello dropped this self-produced dance ballad on August 11, 2017. Texas singer Khalid is the featured vocalist and the song is the first collaboration between the pair. The song finds Khalid singing about learning to overcome his fears so that he can develop relationships. As a result, he feels more confident in communicating and doesn't feel trapped by silence any more.

The collaboration came about as a result of the pair becoming friends after Khalid stayed at Marshmello's house during Coachella.


Ok Not To Be Ok

Yet To Be Titles (2020)

Demi Lovato's struggles with mental illness and self-harm have been much publicized. She has been an advocate for mental health for years, and here she teams up with Marshmello for a single about the topic. The pair released the track in partnership with not-for-profit agency Hope for the Day on September 10, 2020, World Suicide Prevention Day, to raise awareness on suicide prevention and help break the stigma.

This is the first collaboration between Lovato and Marshmello that the public have heard. However, the pair has recorded together before; in 2017, an unreleased track titled "Love Don't Let Me Go" was registered to ASCAP, crediting Marshmello and Lovato.



Single Release Only (2021)

Benny Blanco, Marshmello, and Vance Joy have released a new song, “You,” and an incredibly endearing video to accompany the track.

“You” is a sweet and uplifting bit of pop-rock that finds Joy crooning over Blanco and Marshmello’s horn-inflected production.

The track is the perfect accompaniment to the claymation video, directed by William Child. In it, Blanco, Marshmello, and Joy are enjoying an afternoon cookout when a big green monster suddenly appears and kidnaps Marshmello and Joy. Blanco tracks down his friends and the culprit, but just when he’s about to confront the monster with a skewer, he offers a hug instead.


Here With Me

Single Release Only (2019)

This collaboration between Marshmello and Chvrches finds the Scottish band's singer Lauren Mayberry lamenting a growing love sickness. Marshmello's steady electronic production is markedly restrained and includes more guitars than on his earlier work. The song was originally written by Chvrches and Steve Mac in London. They came up with a rough acoustic version, which people at their label and management company suggested might interest Marshmello. As soon as the producer heard it he was excited.


Too Much

Too Much (2020)

On “Too Much”, the vocalist, Usher, is presenting himself as a sensitive lover, one who is always on call, “rain or shower”, if his lady needs him. “Too Much” was produced by Marshmello and Imanbek. The Joytime Collective and Effective Records released this tune on 23 October 2020. It is the first time either Usher, Marshmello or Imanbek have worked together.



Speak Your Mind (2018)

This ode to friend zoning finds Anne-Marie angry with her male pal for trying to move their friendship up to the next level. The song was inspired by an actual male pal of Anne-Marie's who wanted to move their friendship up to the next level. She said "The idea came from a boy that I know that's my friend and he kind of he wanted to be more than my friend and I was like 'look brother how many times to I have to tell you we're just friends.'"

This was the most-searched-for track in a single day in 2018 on the music identification app Shazam, with 800,000 people Shazaming the song on April 8, 2018.


One Thing Right

Single Release Only (2019)

Kane Brown originally wrote "One Thing Right" with Jesse Frasure, Josh Hoge and Matthew McGinn for his sophomore album, 2018's Experiment. It was first teased on Thomas Rhett's YouTube channel in February 2018.

It didn't make the cut for that record, but after Brown connected with Marshmello at the 2018 American Music Awards, he sent him the song. The helmet-wearing DJ added his sonic flourishes and they dropped the track on June 21, 2019.

"He ended up being really passionate about it, and said he wanted to even make it a single, so we ended up working on it together," he recalled.


Be Kind

Collabs (2020)

Here, Marshmello links up with Halsey to explore trust issues in a relationship. Marshmello and Halsey released the song on May 1, 2020, when many were struggling amid the coronavirus lockdown. Halsey described the song's vibe as, "cute optimistic heartfelt dance summery '80s," adding she and Mello thought the track possesses the kinds of vibes people could use right now. The song appears on both the deluxe version of Halsey's third studio album, Manic, and on her EP Collabs.



Rare (2017)

This single finds Selena Gomez collaborating with electronic dance music producer and DJ Marshmello. The songstress said that Andrew Watt, a songwriter she's collaborated with for years, played her a rough version of the tune while in Japan. Watt sent the rough demo to Marshmello, and the producer "created a really cool tone and a story with it, and the song is very beautiful and personal and the lyrics just have a whole story of its own."

"Weirdly," she added, the lyrics "mirrored" something she was going through in Japan.



Single Release Only (2018)

Bastille saw potential in the song as a collaboration and hooked up with Marshmello to add some of his EDM beats. They were surprised with how the American producer was able to produce an upbeat song from such downbeat lyrics. "We had a really interesting time getting to work on it with Marshmello who managed to find some euphoria in a pretty melancholy, direct song," Smith said. "It's always good to step into somebody else's world for a minute and we're excited to be a part of it."


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