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Top Ten Podcasts to listen to during isolation

Are you bored and tired of doing the same things and hearing from the same people, day-in, day-out? In need of laughter, inspiration or a bit of help getting through?

Well fear not, here at 92.9, we want to make life a little easier with our Top Ten lists!

We've covered the best games to play, workouts to do, YouTube channels to subscribe to, and now we have the Top Ten Podcasts to listen to in social isolation!

10. True Crime

Casefile True Crime Podcast, is an Australian crime podcast that first aired in January 2016 and hosted by an Australian man who remains anonymous. The series deals with solved or cold criminal cases, often related to well-known murders and serial crimes.

9. Education

There's no doubt that being isolated during this Covid-19 pandemic will have a great impact on our mental health. If you're needing a calm, yet helpful voice of reason, why not check out The Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santos. She has a bonus section directly tackling the issues that Covid-19 has caused us.

8. Sports

For the fanatics devastated that the only sport left to watch are reruns and horse racing, we have two great recommendations from our 92.9 staff members.

This is the one and only Matty Johns and his must-listen show. He steers it wherever he likes. Sometimes the show talks through the game's big issues with Brett Finch and Paul Kent, while other times it's big-name special guests invited on.

Check it out now!

Dan Ricciardo is one of Australia's most recognised athletes. Beginning on a go kart in Perth, his incredible journey has taken him to the top step of the Formula One podium from Montreal to Monaco. It is Dan on music, early adventures in Italy, doubts, proving yourself, behind the scenes of a life in F1, the perfect overtake and plenty more. 

7. Kids/Family

There are so many podcasts available great for kids, and are even BY kids. We recommend The Grow Your Mind Podcast hear kids teaching kids about their mental health and ways to be resilient. They explore topics like gratitude, benefit mindset, healthy friendships, courage, movement, hope and more.

A news podcast for 8-12yos. In just a few minutes, we give kids (and their adults) a rundown on the big news events delivered free of opinion, and with positivity and humour. Designed to slip easily into families’ morning routines, a new episode will drop at 7am each weekday.

6. Health/Productivity

A great recommendation by another one of our 92.9 staff members gives us something for the Mums. United in Motherhood is a podcast by Zoe Young who talks about life as a mother and shares interviews with inspiring women.

Having trouble sleeping? Well, Nothing Much Happens is a podcast perfect for adults to play as you try and fall asleep. The stories are read twice by Kathryn and on the second time, she reads them slower. Clever, isn't it?

5. Local

There's a couple of great local podcasts we can recommend for you if you love supporting local!

We can't mention the best local podcasts on 92.9 without reminding you that anything you miss out on with JB can be heard here!

Sami is a local business owner and runs Pink Battalion Fitness, sharing her thoughts with her husband Kev on a weekly podcast. They are very funny and relatable informative when it comes to health/fitness and how we are all coping with life during this time.

4. TV + Film

This will be my official recommendation for the best podcasts to listen to in isolation: Fake Doctors, Real Friends. If you have ever been a fan of the Scrubs television show then you'll love this.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison who play JD and Turk, are going through episode by episode the behind-the-scenes of the show. It's hilarious and quite frankly the natural conversation between all the former cast mates really shows the heart in what they created with Scrubs.

3. Music

2TM's Our Country fits both the local and the music category as it is recorded right here in Tamworth! If you haven't listened to this yet what are ya doing! 2TM “Our Country” has been designed as an instructive and educational podcast for anyone associated with the industry, providing advice and real life experiences from some of our greatest artists, managers, promoters, venue operators, touring and session musicians, among others.

The podcast is hosted by 2TM presenter and singer/songwriter Sally-Anne Whitten.

2. Society + Culture

The Joe Rogan Experience is perhaps one of the most popular, and longest running podcasts to date. Joe Rogan himself is an incredibly successful UFC commentator, former TV star and comedian, but it's in his podcasts where his true skills shine. He interviews experts, scientists, writers, even Elon Musk was a guest on the podcast and he breaks every rule when it comes to 'segments' and 'bits'. Basically they hit record and talk. If you want to learn something, or be enriched by a deeply authentic conversation between two people, check it out below.

1. Comedy

It's hard to not to give a nod to the two guys who even after their radio show has ended still are keeping up with a podcast. They have been best buds forever and have done some of the funniest stunts and pranks over the years. Need a laugh?

Check out Hamish and Andy's podcast below!


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