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Top Ten Shawn Mendes Songs

Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He gained a following in 2013, posting song covers on the video-sharing application Vine.

Mendes released his self-titled debut EP (2014) and his debut studio album Handwritten (2015), whose single "Stitches" reached number one in the United Kingdom and the top 10 in the United States and Canada. In 2017, Mendes became the first artist to land three number-one singles on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart before turning 20 years old.

Mendes is also releasing his new studio album Wonder on December 4 of this year.



Wonder (2020)

"Wonder" is a contemplative track where Shawn Mendes reflects on his life and contemporary society. He asks a series of rhetorical questions, and in doing so bares his psyche to the listening public. Mendes said: "I feel like 'Wonder' is in a lot of ways me just reflecting on my life, and life in general… I've never really done that before… probably because I didn't have the mental capacity and clarity to even be able to reflect, and also probably because I was really scared of what people would think if I started to reflect in my music."


Lost In Japan

Shawn Mendes (2018)

This soulful boogie was released as the second single from Shawn Mendes' third album just at the stroke of midnight on March 23, 2018. Mendes revealed to Billboard. that "Lost In Japan" was inspired by a night time slumber. "I had this dream that I was lost in this country," he said, "and I woke up the next day and we had this cool piano part and the song was birthed."


If I Can't Have You

Yet To Be Titled (2019)

"If I Can't Have You" is a song about a girl that Shawn Mendes is obsessed with:

I can't write one song that's not about you

Can't drink without thinking about you

Unfortunately the girl doesn't seem to feel the same way.

Shawn Mendes penned the song with his regular writing partners Scott Harris and Teddy Geiger. Mendes and company originally wrote the song for Dua Lipa. But as he played it in the studio, he realized it tied in with the mood he wanted for his new music, so the Canadian decided to keep it for himself.



Shawn Mendes (2018)

"Nervous" finds Shawn Mendes getting butterflies from being around a love interest. Despite his stacked resume of hit singles, Shawn isn't immune to feeling more than a little bit nervous when he is with a crush. He admitted that in such scenarios, he acts just like any normal 19-year-old. Shawn penned the bouncy tune with Julia Michaels



Shawn Mendes (2019)

"Señorita" is a smooth Latin love song in which Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello croon about their fictitious romance. Mendes and Cabello previously collaborated on the 2015 hit "I Know What You Did Last Summer." The pair formed a close friendship when recording that song and knew they wanted to work together again. "Señorita" had been in the works for about nine months before its release on June 21, 2019. The song earned both artists a second UK chart-topper. Mendes scored his first UK #1 in 2016 with "Stitches," while Cabello reached the summit with "Havana" the following year.



Illuminate (2016)

Shawn Mendes sings on this brooding power ballad of a girl who has grabbed his heart. However, he is unsure if his feelings are reciprocated and the uncertainty is tearing him apart. Shawn wants to be free from this girl's influence over his emotions. The use of a puppet to illustrate how one can be controlled by such intense feelings has been used in pop music since the 1960s.


In My Blood

Shawn Mendes (2018)

The lead single from Shawn Mendes' third studio album is a heartbreaking and vulnerable rock ballad about overcoming obstacles. Shawn is feeling burned out but refuses to give up and fade away because it's not in his blood. He said: "This is the closest song to my heart I've ever written." The lyrics are about Mendes' personal experiences with anxiety. "It was kind of something that hit me last year," he confessed, "Growing up, I was a pretty calm kid. I knew people who suffered from anxiety, found it kind of hard to understand, and then when it hits you, you're like, 'Oh my god, this is crazy."


Treat You Better

Illuminate (2016)

Shawn Mendes is trying to get the attention of his crush on this pining love song. Shawn is insistent that he can love the girl better than her current boyfriend. Shawn gave the first TV performance of the song at the iHeartRadio MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada on June 19, 2016. Shawn has known Taylor Swift since she brought him on her 1989 tour as an opener. On his 18th birthday Taylor serenaded him with this song on Snapchat.



Handwritten (2015)

The third single from Handwritten, this became the first song by Shawn Mendes to appear on a Billboard airplay chart when it debuted at #36 on Pop Songs in June 2015. Shawn has acting aspirations too. "The whole video is me getting beaten up by this thing that you can't see," he explained. "It was really fun. I got to do some acting in it and learn how to 'pretend' get hit. I love acting. I wanted to be an actor for a long time before I thought about singing. So I think definitely I'd love to be in movies." The song made a slow ascent to the top spot on the UK singles chart, reaching #1 in its 17th week. It was Shawn Mendes' first song to reach the peak position in the UK.


There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

Illuminate (2017)

This song finds Shawn Mendes singing about a relationship that's helping him to feel free to be himself. This girl makes Shawn feel so excited, especially when she's acting crazy, he stops feeling self-conscious and is willing to be taken to places he's never been.

This won Best Song at the 2017 MTV EMAs. Shawn also took home the prizes for Best Artist and Biggest Fans. The song won Single of the Year at the 2018 Juno Awards - Canada's answer to the Grammys. Shawn Mendes also picked up the Fan Choice award at the same ceremony.


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