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Trans celebrations!

Members of the Tamworth trans and gender diverse community touched and inspired over 40 people’s hearts last Friday night with their personal stories and creative performances.

Transgender Day of Visibility is celebrated world-wide each year on March 31st to spread awareness and recognise trans and gender diverse experiences and achievements.

Tamworth’s event was hosted by New South Wales’ leading HIV and LGBTIQ+ health organisation, ACON, in partnership with the Tamworth Regional Gallery for the second year running.

Last year’s event was the first of its kind specifically supporting the trans community in Tamworth and was a huge success, with this year being no different.

“So much positivity comes from events like this where we can raise that visibility for not just the trans community but also the wider pride community,” said proud trans woman Dianne Harris.

Dianne was named the 2023 TFSS Outstanding Community Woman of the Year for her unwavering dedication to supporting LGBTQI+ community across the New England Region.

She had the pleasure of speaking on the night and shed light on the importance of community in trans and gender diverse understanding.

“Trans is not a choice and understanding that all comes with education and community,” she said.

“Transgender Day of Visibility allows the community to come together to events like tonight and celebrate people’s stories and achievements.”

Another speaker on the night was William Weller, the 2023 Tamworth Pride President, who shared his journey as a trans man, giving everyone a glimpse into the emotional and physical journey.

“When I began my journey, I didn’t have a lot of trans or gender diverse language to work with to really understand how I was feeling or how to start the process,” he said.

William said he was able to start that process by joining gender diverse groups and others alike to get that information and learn which GPs in town are supportive and knowledgeable about trans health.

Dianne’s message to everyone is “Tamworth is the best town to be visible in because it does accept you for who you are. Yes, there will be bigots out there but I myself choose to ignore them.”

Missy Sparkles was one of two trans performers on the night.



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