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TRC still keen to work with Challenge Community Services after not renewing recycling program.

Tamworth Regional Council and Challenge Community Services met earlier this week after Council earlier informed Challenge that they were pursuing other options for the kerbside recyclable processing within the Tamworth Region.

TRC Director of Water and Waste, Bruce Logan, said that throughout the decision-making process ensuring ratepayers money is spent effectively has been of extreme importance and that Council believes that pursuing other options at this time is the most financially responsible option.

Peter Maher, CEO of Challenge Community Services, said their priority has and always will be to ensure that all staff currently involved in the recycling facility have ongoing employment.

Tamworth Regional Council expressed its desire to continue to work with Challenge into the future by assisting with the ongoing employment of Challenge stuff – however it was agreed to by both parties that these employment opportunities will need to meet the expectations and requirements, including the financial sustainability of both parties.


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