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University campus would see 'Tamworth flourish'

UNE currently has a study centre open in Tamworth. Picture: Tamworth UNE

One resident believes a university campus would see "Tamworth flourish", a stance supported by the city's business chamber.

Shane Moran, a Tamworth resident, said he wants to see a university as long as it is subjected to a cost-benefit analysis by the government.

"The university has to do its case for what courses it can provide to the general public," he said.

"The most important benefit would be the structure to help this city grow and to help the New England flourish.

"UNE does a fantastic job out of Armidale, but it should be an open tender to see who can provide the best facility."

Mr Moran said Southern Cross, UTS, UNSW, Charles Sturt should all be approached.

He added that given our population, it would be surprising to some that Tamworth does not have its own campus.

"We do have great facilities, but a university would really add to that," he said.

"Let's give people the choice of being able to study here.

"The opportunities that could arise from this would be endless."

Mr Moran said he hoped the minister on both levels made sure to give Tamworth a "real go" by doing the proper research and analysis should a university ever be built here.

Sam Rains, executive officer at the Tamworth Business Chamber, said countless research shows the benefits of having a university in a city.

"It baffles me that Tamworth has not reached that point," he said.

"I think it is one thing that is holding the city back.

"It would bring young-minded people that are likely to attend cafes, retail locations and bars and on the other side it would also bring a lot of young staff for businesses who struggle to get consistent, young staff on their books."

Mr Rains said that it would also be one of the easiest ways to add increasing the population to the target of 100,000.

The case for a campus in Tamowth will be discussed at this week's Stae of the City event.

UNE Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Todd Walker will be presenting the university's plans for Tamworth and where they’re up to with their $500 thousand business case, Tamworth University Working Group member Mark Woodley will be there to speak on behalf of Tamworth and our ideas for how the University should look in Tamworth.

UNE will also be bringing Director of UNE Sydney, Mr Rob Field and Bryn Griffiths (UNE - Advancement, Communications and Events) to answer any questions raised by the participants.

To purchase tickets, please click here.


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