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Valentine's Day shortage ups the ante of a rose

Article Written by Olivia Babb

Valentines Day is a day for loved ones to spoil each other, but is it worth it with the price increasing significantly?

Every year on February 14, holiday flower prices increase, but this year, a rose shortage means the cost is higher than ever.

Flower Industry Australia chief executive Anna Jabour says there have been issues with the rose supply for a while. The result is almost double the price for roses in particular.

Australian company Roses only is charging $74.95 for a single rose in tissue paper with a few chocolates - plus standard delivery of $19.95.

International leading company Interflora prices are similar at $54.00 per rose and $13.00 delivery.

Not everyone is feeling the need to rush out and buy for each other this Valentine's Day; Tamworth couple Terry and Di don't believe in celebrating,

"Every day is Valentine's Day when you've been married for 55 years," they said.

It's not uncommon for couples to not celebrate; in 2021, a survey on Finder showed that only 1 in 3 Australians were planning to purchase something for the day.

Tamworth florist, Floral Frontier owner Sam is in her second year of trading, and while the demand has increased, especially from regional to order flowers, the shortage has made a difference, and roses may not be the favourite anymore,

"It's been much busier than last year; I think COVID probably affected it in a lot of ways because people can't really travel as much as they used to."

This year, we have sold quite a lot of native bouquets and mixed as well."

With most florists sold out before the day even begins, florists take months to prepare and stock for the big day. It's no wonder it's estimated more than 250 million roses are produced annually.

The biggest export countries for floriculture in the Netherlands, Colombia, and Ecuador at over 7 billion dollars in revenue combined.

For those who may have forgotten, the big supermarkets have you covered selling cards, flowers, and chocolates.

Nick, 22, is one of those who will be scrambling today after forgetting to purchase anything for his girlfriend of two years,

"I'll probably duck into Coles and get a bunch of roses."

Sam's advice to anyone on Valentine's day is an excellent reminder to think ahead,

"Definitely pre-order. That way you can secure an order without having the trouble of basically what's leftover or the last things that we have in stock."


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