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Visit the Sunflower Trail

The Liverpool Plains Sunflower Trail is back again in 2023, and is a perfect activity to end the Country Music Festival and the school holidays.

Five properties are taking part over the next two months in the trail with Sandstone near Willow Tree already welcoming visitors twenty four hours a day.

The properties are spread out across the Liverpool Plains, and present a great opportunity for visitors to explore the region, known as NSW’s “food bowl”.

Ian Carter from Romney Vale, Warrah Ridge said he like many other farmers have been delayed in their flowering due to the wet season but this hasn't dimmed his optimism in how beneficial the tourism the trail brings is for the whole region.

"The Liverpool Plains isn't that far from population centres, so to have a trail there means people can come up and travel around the plains and look at the sunflowers, take photos and everything. It's just a real boost for everyone," said Ian.

The 2022 trail saw over 5,000 visitors take part by visiting open sunflower crops or attending related events.

Other properties planning to open are:

• “Romney Vale”, Warrah Ridge

• “Wilgabah”, Wallabadah

• “Warrah Station”, Quirindi

• “The Plantation”, Premer

Due to the wet season, flowering has been delayed for many farmers.

A number of sunflower-themed events are also planned across the Liverpool


Learn more about the Sunflower Trail at


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