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'Wake up' Tamworth: Police calls out 'stupid' behaviours

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

One of Tamworth's top cops is calling out residents who think they are above the effects of coronavirus, issuing a stern warning that they could be responsible for their loved ones getting sick. Chief Inspector Jeff Budd, the officer in charge of Tamworth, said his men and women in blue have observed that people in the community "are starting to slack off in terms of self-isolation and what they are doing to protect themselves". Chief Inspector Budd said people need to start making smart decisions. He said that COVID-19 could take more than a week for the symptoms to manifest, and even though Tamworth's numbers have stabilised, for now, it does not mean the crisis won't worsen. "Look at Japan, they slackened off, and they have a massive surge again," Chief Inspector Budd said. "We are at the point where we really have to knuckle down and be smart about what we are doing. "We see some people making some really stupid decisions." Chief Inspector Budd said in one case, a resident called the police and asked if it was allowed for an ex-partner to visit to spend time with the child. "What that person would have potentially done is contaminate the child and the ex-partner and then go on to contaminate the new partner, and the whole virus spreads again," he said. "We were able to give some advice to that woman, and she was quite heartened ... it was a tough call, but it needed to happen." Chief Inspector Budd said the rules are simple and most people asking questions are trying to find a loophole. "If you think for one second that what you are doing might not be right, then it is probably not," he said. "I get blown away by this - we go to the shopping centres, and we see parents there with their kids. "Why would you take the risk ... people need to make smart decisions and wake up?" Chief Inspector Budd said residents need to realise their actions could result in their loved ones getting sick, and COVID-19 spreading even more in the region. "Even with a $1000 infringement notice will not fix what you have done," he said. "You may have spread the disease already."

Reasonable excuses are broadly categorised as:

  • Obtaining food or other goods and services

  • Travelling for the purposes of work or education if the person cannot do it at home

  • Exercise

  • Medical or caring reasons

The full list of reasonable excuses can be found here.


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