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'Watch what you post': Warning for first day of school

Police are warning parents to be vigilant when posting 'first day of school' photos.

New England Police District issued a message to "excited and proud parents" who just simply want to share with the world this wonderful news.

"Is the photo you about to share giving away too much information about you and your child," said senior constable Chris Jordan.

They shared three safety tips to consider before hitting 'post'.

  1. Is the photo giving away too much information about your child and the school they are attending? A good tip is to remove the school logo or edit the logo out of the photo.

  2. Does the picture give away too much information about your own residence? Take the shared social media photo with a neutral background.

  3. Do you want to share that beautiful school picture with all the information in it with grandparents, relatives, friends? Use safer means like SMS/MMS and emails.


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