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Whitehaven Coal prosecuted for alleged water breach

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Prosecution of White Haven Coal has begun for allegedly taking water without a license between 2016 and 2019 at their Maule Creek mine near Boggabri.

The alleged breaches relate to the failure to divert clean water from major streams on the site, instead of capturing the water on the mine site.

The states independent water regulator yesterday commenced the process in the Land and Environment Court and maximum penalties if found guilty could exceed two million dollars.

NRAR Chief Regulatory Officer Grant Barnes said the alleged failure to obtain licenses for the water taken impacts on other water users and the environment – especially during a severe drought.

Whitehaven Coal did not provide anyone to comment, however, said in a statement "Whitehaven has previously publicly addressed aspects of NRAR's investigation, including noting the complexity of the water management system in NSW and the fact that some of the alleged non-compliances concern practices widely observed in the NSW coal mining sector".

Image from Wix media.


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