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Wildflower bonanza brightens up Spring in the Pilliga

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Native wildflowers are beginning to bloom in the Pilliga with what National Parks rangers are calling a wildflower bonanza expected to peak in the next two weeks of September.

A wetter than average rainfall has ensured soils are still moist encouraging more than 50 species of flowering plants to bloom with the warmer temperatures.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Team Leader Ranger, Rita Enke, said the signs were already looking good, with a multitude of natives beginning to flower.

“Hardenbergia, boronia and wattles are already flowering and the buds of grevilleas, heaths, billy buttons, bluebells and various pea flowers are starting to burst,” she said.

“Delicate orchids such as pink fingers, waxlip and donkey orchids are also getting ready for a spectacular display, which is great to see as orchids need really specific conditions and some years, they don’t flower at all."

“The Iconic Pilliga daisy has already started to flower and will carpet the ground in some areas. Keep an eye out for carnivorous sundews in damp areas”.

The wildflower wonderland is expected to stretch right across reserves in western NSW from September until early Summer.

National Parks Rangers suggest flowers will be visible on short walks such as near the Sandstone caves and Sculptures in the scrub.


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