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Winners announced for inaugural water conservation awards

The judges chose kindergarten student Brandee's piece of art because of the attention-grabbing yet straightforward message.

Students and businesses have been recognised for their innovative strategies and messages to help conserve precious water resources.

Following advice received from the Australian government concerning the threat of Covid-19, the inaugural Water Sustainability Awards were cancelled.

But, water and waste director Bruce Logan announced the winners on Wednesday morning and praised their efforts to cut back.

"On behalf of the council I'd like to thank all the supporters we got behind this initiative," he said.

"While it's disappointing, we couldn't have a formal prize ceremony and a dinner as planned, and I hope this further reinforces the message of trying to conserve water because our dams and storages remain at critically low levels."

The Innovation in Water Sustainability Award went to Tamworth Hospital for a $15,000 investment that saw it collect 50,000 litres of clean water that's a by-product of renal dialysis.

Tamworth's Humes Holcim won the Excellence in Water Efficiency Award for changes to the worksite that significantly reduced water use.

While the Commitment to Water Sustainability Award went to Tamworth Wizard Carwash, which despite increased use during water restrictions still decreased consumption.

Quest Apartments took home the Adaption to Change Award after reducing their water use by 50 per cent.

Calrossy Anglican School student Breanna Rhodes was awarded the high-school Creative Water Sustainability Award with her 12 practical ways to conserve water.

Nemingha Public School student Brandee Young created an attention-grabbing art piece that won the primary school category.

Brandee was commended for using horsehair to add a creative element to her piece.



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