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Work on the Tamworth Intermodal Rail Line gets underway

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Picture: Transport for NSW

Early work on the Tamworth Intermodal Rail Line started on Tuesday with the government promising a hub that connects producers and agricultural industries to their customers.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said the road and rail freight task are both growing as the economy and the population grows.

“Reactivation of the non-operational rail line between West Tamworth and Westdale will facilitate freight train services to the Tamworth Regional Freight Terminal, opening the gateway with direct rail access to vessels at Port Botany," he said.

“The train line is expected to start operating next year which will also help to support ongoing employment in the region.”

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson said re-activating the rail line involves rebuilding about six kilometres of track, a level crossing, bridge and signalling work, service relocations and drainage improvements.

“The work will be completed on behalf of Transport for NSW by John Holland Rail, and includes early procurement of rail and sleepers, installing fencing at selected locations along the rail corridor and removing redundant infrastructure such as existing rail and sleepers,” he said.

“Site investigation work, including survey, geotechnical testing and assessment of existing bridges was completed late last year.

“The plan to deliver the Tamworth Intermodal Rail Line involves making the most of the existing infrastructure, which will provide a significant cost-saving, and minimise the frequency of trains crossing Denison Street, reducing the impact on local traffic."

Mr Anderson said the relevant agencies had been working together since June last year to develop a plan for freight trains up to about 900 metres long to service the intermodal terminal.

The design of the Tamworth Intermodal Rail Line is being finalised and will integrate the design of the Tamworth Regional Freight Terminal and drainage improvement works, which form part of the wider Glen Artney Enterprise Area development.

This is expected to be completed around the middle of this year.

The detailed design will also consider local traffic and the work required at level crossings while maintaining safety.


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