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Top 10 Jason Derulo Songs

This weekend on 92.9, we are bringing you the Top 10 songs of Jason Derulo.


Don't Wanna Go Home

Future History (2011)

The first single by American R&B singer Jason Derülo, from his second studio album, Future History, samples Robin S's "Show Me Love" and features an interpolation of "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)."

DeRulo explained the song's message to MTV News: "I wanted to write a song that people could escape their problems, their pain, their turmoil, and by doing a feel-good song, I'm doing just that. You don't have to write a song about saving the world to do just that. We created this new age party-smasher."


Ridin' Solo

Jason Derulo (2010)

This serenade to the joys of being single originally sampled "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. However, the sample was not cleared and was subsequently replaced.

Jason Derulo penned this before he could afford access to fancy digs. He said: "I wrote 'Ridin Solo' in my cousin's basement at 3am on a couch we found in the street."


Love Not War (The Tampa Beat) feat. Nuka


Originally, the song was instrumental track which was uploaded to SoundCloud as “The Tampa Beat” by Nuka himself in 2018. But earlier in 2020, the song has been used in more than 23 million Tik Tok videos. Then, Jason Derulo asked Nuka to collaborate, and together they released as “Love Not War”.

This marks the first collaboration between Jason Derulo and Nuka.


IT Girl

Future History (2011)

This is the second single by American R&B singer Jason Derülo, from his sophomore studio album Future History.

"It-girl"' is a term for a young woman who possess the quality "It", drawing men with an magnetic attraction. The concept first arose in a Rudyard Kipling short story, Mrs. Bathurst where he wrote, "It isn't beauty, so to speak, nor good talk necessarily. It's just 'It.'"

The video features Gossip Girl's Tika Sumpter, who played Raina Thorpe, Chuck Bass' former love interest in the teen drama series.



Talk Dirty (2013)

This song finds Jason Derulo comparing his lover's body to various artists' music. It was penned by the singer with Visionary Music Group artist/producer Jon Bellion, whose other credits include Eminem's collaboration with Rihanna "The Monster."

The song's raunchy video sees DeRulo getting hot and heavy with a woman, only for the pair to be interrupted by a band of trumpeters. It was directed by Jason Derulo in his directorial debut alongside Colin Tilley.


Want You to Want Me

Everything is 4 (2015)

The first single from Jason Derulo's fourth full-length album finds him unable to erase a girl from his mind as he lies awake at night. So obsessed is the singer that he flops out of bed and hops into a cab so that he can be with her.

This was Jason DeRulo's fourth UK #1, following 2010's "In My Head," the following year's "Don't Wanna Go Home" and 2013's "Talk Dirty."

4. Talk Dirty

Tattoos (2013)

The song debuted at #1 on the Australian Singles Chart, Derulo's second song to do so in the country after his 2010 release "In My Head." It also reached the top of the charts in several other countries including Germany and the United Kingdom.

Derulo told UK Newspaper Daily Star :"'Talk Dirty' being my third #1 in the UK was pretty special," "Beforehand there was such a big argument on what the next single should be after 'The Other Side.'"


Whatcha Say

Whatcha Say (2009)

Freak was the first single to be released from their second studio album, Freak Show. It went to number one on the ARIA Charts, their second number one after Tomorrow. They would not get another number one on the charts until Straight Lines - eleven years later in 2007.


Savage Love (feat. Jawsh 685)


Lyrically, "Savage Love" finds Jason Derulo falling for a girl who is using him. He is smitten, despite realizing she only hooked up with him to get back at her ex-lover.

"Laxed (Siren Beat)" blew up on TikTok in 2020, sparking the "Culture Dance" challenge, where participants show off their cultural roots while dancing to the song.


In My Head

Jason Derulo (2010)

This R&B/pop/rock fusion is the second single from R&B singer-songwriter Jason DeRulo's self-titled debut album. In this song DeRulo imagines what he wants to happen with a female clubgoer.

DeRulo told USA Today: "I never write songs down - I feel like the pen dilutes the music. I get a concept, go into the booth and just start singing. I start off with a melody and then figure out the words to match."


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