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Top Ten David Guetta Songs

This weekend on 92.9, we are bringing you the Top 10 David Guetta songs. Globally, he’s racked up over 50 million record sales, whereas his total number of streams is over 10 billion. In 2011 & 2020, Guetta was voted as the number one DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll.

So we ask the question, What is his Number 1 Song?



7 (2018)

This motivational pop tune is a collaboration between David Guetta and Sia. It marks the fourth time the duo have worked together on a Guetta track. While "Flames" doesn't have a huge chorus like Guetta's previous collaboration with Sia, "Titanium," he still finds the song very interesting: He said "It's so vibey, and the beat is really funky, and I like it a lot." In 2018 this was the most-played song of the year on European radio.


Where Them Girls At

Nothing But The Beat (2011)

This is the first single by the French house music producer and DJ David Guetta from his fifth studio album. He premiered the track as part of a DJ set at during a street carnival in the beach resort of Salvador in Brazil. The song includes vocals from Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj. After hackers stole an unfinished version of the song, added their own touches, then leaked it online, Guetta was forced to release the official track ahead of schedule. The French DJ responded to the illegal act by hiring an expert who works with security for the Pentagon to find the criminals and help bring them to justice.


Getting Over You

One Love (2009)

This is the fifth single from French dance producer and DJ, David Guetta's fourth studio album, One Love. The song features the vocals of American gospel singer Chris Willis, who has previously collaborated with Guetta on several of the French producer's other hits. As well as Willis, the updated production features additional vocals from Fergie and LMFAO. Guetta said: "I'm really excited about the new mix of 'Gettin' Over You.' Fergie's and Chris Willis' powering vocals combined with LMFAO on the mic results in a dance floor explosion unlike anything else being heard right now."


Lets Love

Feat. Sia

It marks the eighth time the duo have worked together on a Guetta track. Guetta recorded the dance-pop romp during the COVID pandemic and released it on September 11, 2020. Quetta said he was inspired to drop energetic, uplifting music during the lockdown that would help people dance away their quarantine blues.

"I love producing club tracks but at the same time, especially now, I feel like creating 'feel-good' music," he explained. "'Let's Love' is a message of love, hope and bringing people together and once again, Sia has outdone herself on the vocals."



Snoop Dog vs David Quetta (Remix)

A remix was made by David Guetta using the censored "Sweat" title. The French DJ's version was released as a single in the UK and across continental Europe, as well as Australia. The remix samples Felix' 1992 club hit "Don't You Want Me."


Who's That Chick

One More Love (2010)

This high-energy David Guetta-produced number sees Rihanna returning to the world of dance music after the darker tracks she recorded for Rated R. The song leaked online on September 17, 2010. Guetta said to MTV News regarding helping Rihanna return to dance music: "Well, you know, I'm a DJ, so I make beats that make you wanna dance. And I think she was one of the first to do that in that urban world, so you know, I think it would be good for her to do it again."


Lovers On The Sun

Lovers On The Sun (2014)

This summer jam features American singer-songwriter Sam Martin on vocals. This was Guetta's fifth #1 as a lead artist on the UK singles chart. The song was co-produced by Avicii and plugs into a similar country/folk/EDM hybrid. This features guitar work by Mike Einziger of the rock band Incubus. The multi-instrumentalist also co-wrote the track.


When Love Takes Over

One Love (2009)

This song was the lead single from Guetta's fourth studio album One Love. This features vocals by former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland. She first came across Guetta at one of the DJs techno shows in Cannes. Rowland later met up with the Frenchman and during their conversation he played her a vocal version of this track. The American singer said that it moved her to tears. She explained: "I felt so much emotion from the track; something happened the first time I heard it, and it was just beautiful." Rowland agreed to take the song to London where she wrote and recorded some vocals.


Sexy Chick

One Love (2009)

This song features R&B singer Akon. Their collaboration came about via a chance encounter, after a gig in the English town of Swindon for BBC Radio 1. Guetta and Akon looked at each other after the set and said, "instead of going out lets hire a studio right now." They went ahead and recorded this turbo-charged track. When this reached #1 on the UK singles chart, Guetta achieved the rare feat of replacing himself at the top position as he co-wrote and is co-produced the previous chart-topper, The Black Peas' "I Gotta Feeling." Guetta also became the first Frenchman to achieve more than one #1 hit in the UK.



Nothing But The Beat (2011)

Guetta said about the track: "That song is interesting because it's different from anything else on the album. All of the guests on the album are from pop and R&B, and 'Titanium' is a little bit like a UFO flying over it all because Sia is a more of an indie artist." The song was Guetta's fifth #1 single in the UK, his fourth as lead artist. However, it was Sia's first ever visit to the top spot. Sia wrote the lyric in 40 minutes. She tweeted: "It's amazing that 40 minutes of my life and zero promo turned into my most successful song to date."


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