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Top Ten Powderfinger Songs | 92.9fm

From Kylie to Gaga, Nickelback to Coldplay; we're counting down the Top Ten songs from your favourite 92.9 artists. This week, POWDERFINGER!

10. The Day You Come

Internationalist, 1998

It was quite a moment in time for Powderfinger when they released their third studio album Internationalist as it featured this song, 'The Day You Come' which was the first Powderfinger song to contain political references. In 1999 it won the ARIA Music Award for Single of the Year.

9. Burn Your Name

Golden Rule, 2009

'Burn Your Name' was Powderfinger's last single from their seventh and final album. The music video was filmed during the Yi Ping festival, part of the Loy Krathong festival held on the 12th full moon every year. Rice paper lanterns are lit and fill the night sky like a constellation.

8. Love Your Way

Vulture Street, 2003

'Love Your Way' is a song from Powderfinger's fifth studio album Vulture Street. It was the second single released from Vulture Street in September 2003 and reached No. 37 on the Australian music chart.

7. Bless My Soul

Fingerprints (The Best of Powderfinger) 2004

"Bless My Soul" is a single from Powderfinger's first "best of" album, Fingerprints: The Best of Powderfinger, 1994-2000. The other new song on the album, "Process This," was not released as a single. The song was written whilst the band was holidaying in Spain, according to lead singer Bernard Fanning.

6. Already Gone

Internationalist, 1998

"Already Gone" is a song from Powderfinger's third studio album Internationalist. It was released as a single on 12 February 1999. Australian Idol's first season runner-up Shannon Noll performed "Already Gone" in the 22 September episode of Australian Idol 2003 as his contribution to the Australian Hits category.

5. Sunsets

Vulture Street, 2003

The style of song for Powderfinger in "Sunsets" was a bit more of a return to their earlier sound. In fact Bernard Fanning described Vulture Street as the band wanting to "make a change" and "go back to why [they] started playing". Certainly a bit of 70s rock influence in this album and it was successful in Australia, reaching #11 on the ARIA singles charts.

4. My Happiness

Odyssey Number Five, 2000

'My Happiness' is the first single from Odyssey Number Five and is their most successful; it peaked at number 4 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart, number 7 in New Zealand, and was the first Powderfinger song to chart in the US at number 23. Apparently the song was written as a reflection on the time the band spent touring to promote their work, and the loneliness that came as a result.

3. Pick You Up

Double Allergic, 1996

"Pick You Up" was the first release by Powderfinger to receive significant radio airplay and was nominated for the 1996 ARIA Award for "Song of the Year".

2. (Baby I've Got You) On My Mind

Vulture Street, 2003

Powderfinger released "Baby I've Got You On My Mind" as a single in June 2003 and reached #9 on the Australian music chart, the band's third highest charting single to date. A lot of the music from the last two albums were heavily acoustic so Powderfinger felt like it was a good opportunity to return back to "rock".

1. These Days

Odyssey Number Five, 2000

While "These Days" was not released as a single, it has become one of Powderfinger's most beloved songs. It was developed by Powderfinger after a request by film director Gregor Jordan, who asked the band to write a song for his upcoming film, Two Hands. Bernard Fanning says it was the first time there was an outside reason to write a song, rather than my own emotional response to something."





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